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Tackling Injuries with Your Physiotherapist


Musicians are often susceptible to injuries. The risk is higher where physically intensive activities are involved. If you experience inflammation characterized by redness, localized swelling, discomfort, heat and/or loss of function, you probably have an injury. Some injuries affect the joints and the spinal cord. You should seek help within the shortest time possible to prevent more irreparable damage to the body, say Bristol physio experts, The House Clinics, based in England, UK.

Physiotherapy is among the best treatment option for musician injuries. A physiotherapist uses a natural holistic approach to address the injury and restore your overall health. An alternative to having physio, is to see a chiropractor who specialises in spinal re-alignment. Sometimes, it's not entirely clear which type of practitioner you need to see, so it's always best to simply call the Bristol Chiropractic Clinic and find out what they recommend.

Types of injuries

Typical injuries musicians experience includes overuse-type injuries, or repetitive strain injuries. The injuries can affect the elbows, shoulders, wrist, neck, back, arm, fingers, mouth, lips, nose, throat, and jaws among other body parts. The type of injury often depends on a variety of factors such as body posture, type of instrument, how an instrument is played, and practice or performance duration. Music injuries are therefore caused by among others overuse, repetitive strain, improper posture or non-ergonomic techniques.

Signs and symptoms may include muscle stiffness, soreness, pain, swelling, puffiness, tension or numbness on the hand, fingers, wrist, jaw, neck, back and shoulders. In some cases abdominal muscles and respiration may be affected.

Physiotherapy for music injuries

Injuries you may pick as a musician must be addressed in good time. If left untreated, the injuries can become chronic conditions. Music related injuries are quite complex, therefore you require a therapist who can understand the underlying mechanism and implement effective treatment modalities. Every aspect of the problem must be addressed to stop it from affecting the performance of the musician.
The musician is initially assessed by the physiotherapist. This often requires the musicians bringing all their instruments for the therapist to conduct a playing analysis. This establishes whether it is posture, the instrument or something else which is contributing to the injury. After the root cause of the injury has been established, the physiotherapist can recommend appropriate exercises, stretches or other changes to alleviate the problem.

Treatment is unique to individual musicians. Some musicians can be treated in a single visit to a physio Bristol center. Others might need injury specific physiotherapy treatment which takes longer or injury prevention which requires long-term plans. After the pain has been alleviated, the musician must visit the physiotherapy clinic on a regular basis for checkups. Prevention also often involves exposing musicians and their teachers to various anatomy and athletic protocols. 


Music injuries can cause a lot of pain, disability, and premature end to careers. While the injuries are common, they are not unavoidable. The musician should be willing to listen to his or her body and seek help at the earliest time possible. Most importantly, because prevention is better than cure, it is important to seek the services of a competent physiotherapist to help you prevent the problem.

The right physiotherapist and advice can help you to not only perform better, but also help you cope with the demands of practising and performing. Remember that the first instrument and the most important one is your body. With good health, you can look forward to many years of successful music-making.


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